Brother Bear Bryan

I have one little sister and one little brother. They are both 13 years younger than I am. And, yes! They are fraternal twins! Even though we have a huge age gap, we are extremely close.

They are miracles in my life. We like to call them miracles and not mistakes, because my mom always wanted two daughters and one son; however, she was a sickly woman and had a miscarriage before and after I was born. We are all miracle children to my parents.

My precious jewels and I have hilarious conversations and I think it would be selfish of me not to share them with you. Here is a recent one I had with my little brother, Bryan:

Bryan: “I’m going to be a professional basketball player when I grow up.”

Me: “I thought you wanted to be a Power Ranger.”

Bryan: “oh my gosh, Nuna, when I was like 5! so few years ago! I’m 9 now!”


Please stay 9 forever, my love.


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