Wasabi Sophia

Wasabi soybeans. Soybeans covered in wasabi. I am craving some right now.

what they look like

what they look like

It’s one of my mom’s favorite Japanese snacks. I didn’t like them when I was a kid, because I preferred sweets like Twix bars, Twizzlers, and Recess cups. My favorite type of snacks were Mexican candies like Lucas chile, Cachitadas, Tamarindos, and De La Rosas. ANYWAY, I didn’t like wasabi soybeans because they looked somewhat healthy and the wasabi always stung my nose. Now, I love them.

my favorite brand

my favorite brand

The soybeans have pea-like flavor and the wasabi powder is mildly sweet with a zingy finish like horseradish. It can bring tears to some people who cannot handle spicy food (weak, just kidding). I’ve never personally made them, but by dissecting the ingredients in my mouth, I’m sure this is the recipe: the soybeans are roasted, then coated with wasabi powder mixed with sugar, salt, or oil. Pretty simple!

I never liked them as a kid, but my little sister is very good at handling the heat. I guess she does have better genes than I do like my friends say, since she’s more cultured and mature than I am. And she’s only 9. I remember hearing her munching and crunching wasabi soybeans like a bunny inside my parents’ bedroom while watching one of her favorite TV shows called “Calliou.” Here’s an episode:

Me: Hey, come here.

Sophia: Why

Me: Give me a hug

Sophia: *hug*

Me: Give me that (pointing to her bag of wasabi soybeans)

Sophia: Ugh, I knew it! I hope your butt gets bigger! (leaves the bag of wasabi soybeans on the floor, then runs away)

What a sassmonster, huh? Well, I’m off to get some wasabi soybeans! YUM!


2 thoughts on “Wasabi Sophia

  1. I love things covered in wasabi! There’s this mix called Wasabi Explosion that’s sold at The Fresh Market, and it’s all sorts of rice crackers, beans, peas, and other yummy things that really pack a punch. It’s sooooo good!

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