Cleanin’ out ma Closet

Today, after class, I had two hours to kill before work so I went home to eat lunch then clean. Well, to be perfectly honest, I just cleaned my own closet. There were so many clothes laying around on my bed, floor, and desk that I’d use the time to clean instead of watch a re-run of Adventure Time.

clean up clean up everybody clean up

clean up clean up everybody clean up

I found some dresses I haven’t worn, and some dresses that were worn out. I ended up throwing out four pairs of shoes, two bags, and two dresses. It was very emotional for me… You have no idea how personal and attached I get to clothes. Okay, that came out wrong. I sound a bit superficial as if I get emotional attachment to materialistic things. What I mean is… AHEM, is that I have a lot of memories attached to certain materials; therefore, I have a hard time letting them go. Believe it or not, it took me close to half an hour for me to be emotionally and mentally prepared to say goodbye to my shoes, bags, and dresses.

What is very interesting about San Francisco , or particularly in the Inner Richmond where I reside, is that there is always someone who picks up those things as soon as I throw them out in the street. It’s good to know that they’re not going in the dump, but someone will have their feet and body warm. I just hope it’s not a bulky, hairy viking-looking man who will be wearing my dresses.

hmm, sir, I don't think baby blue is your color

hmm, sir, I don’t think baby blue is your color

Living away from home, there are a lot of responsibilities. You have to replace the empty toilet paper roll with a new one, dishes, laundry, vacuum etc. etc. There are so many things I’ve taken for granted. Especially my mom. She used to clean MY closet, put my old clothes in a box, and donated them. I didn’t have to meet face-to-face with my clothes, shoes, and purses to say goodbye. My mom bid them farewell for me. You don’t realize you had it good and that your parents are actually superheroes until you live on your own. Unlike me, who realized this until college, it’s nice to know that my siblings have already figured out our mother is a superhero already.

Bryan: My mom is so good at cleaning

His friend: All moms are! There is an unspeakable super power for moms.

Sophia: No wonder.  Jennifer Unni doesn’t have that power yet. She’s a lady not yet a woman.

sometimes I wish I were the same age as Bryan & Sophia


Birthday Soup

“What’s your favorite food?”

This is one of the hardest questions to answer. Honestly, I am not a picky eater and can almost eat anything edible. During my freshman year of college, I performed an experiment on myself: what kind of food am I able to eat everyday without getting sick of it? Surprisingly, a lot. I could eat pizza, PB&J sandwiches, pho, tacos, pasta, and cereal everyday for every single meal. It was absolutely disgusting. Therefore when I say that I have no specific preference as to what my favorite dish is, the following question is something like:

“If you HAD to choose, what would it be?”

I am pretty comfortable to say that I wouldn’t have to ever do that, but the food that enters my cloud of thoughts is a Korean dish called, “미역국,” pronounced “mee-yuk-gook.” “Mee-yuk” means seaweed and “gook” means soup. It is a popular Korean dish. It’s usually served for people on their birthdays or women after labor.


Basically, it looks like this.

It’s not super flavorful and could be very bland. I like it because it’s healthy and versatile. You can insert meat, seafood, rice, or even noodles to the soup. Most importantly, I have strong memories and attachment to this dish.

It was my 13th birthday. Because my grandfather passed away few months before my birthday, my family was still mourning. It was an exciting day for me because I was finally a teenager, but with the unfortunate circumstance and everyone working so hard, I did not receive a proper birthday celebration. No presents, no cake, not even a phone call. I came home late after hanging out at my friend’s house after school, and my parents were asleep. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I found a note on top of a closed pot that read, “I am sorry and happy birthday.” It was from my mom and I ate the soup with tears in my eyes.